• I realize there is a hate on for this guy but I'm going to do a quick summary of the big picture from a retro gamer/collectors perspective.

    Honestly, I've seen worse. This doesn't justify anything good or bad from his reviews but it is what it is, a low budget web show. I don't feel he is the great actor or even a good one at that but I enjoy watching NES, Atari, and so on reviews. Because of his strength is not acting I think taking a more narrative approach (like Aqualungs Atari Reviews) would really help him out with this problem. Maybe do more of an animated approach to the review (Code Monkeys did a great job of this) could have help out with the lack of alternative actors that appear on the show as well.

    I always though he was a bit of a mock AVGN wannabe but he's not alone in that department and you know what, his History of Video Games series made me think twice about making that initial judgement call.

    Overall I think he tries a bit too hard and needs to play on his strengths more then rehashing his weakness time and time again. Its not a horrible web show and he gets a lot of flack for it, which is too bad cause internet heroes are a dime a dozen and I would like to see a fraction of people even make the attempt. Not defending him by any means, he's done some things that are a little hard not to comment on but there's a little more to see here than just flaws.

    Me I watch it time and again but I don't think I will be buying anything from his store anytime soon. It is what it is, take it or leave it really. I got a soft spot for retro gaming, so this is one of the web shows I check out.