• "The Burrowers" is an original little film to say the least. It makes a pretty damn good western, & commentary on how whites treated the Indians badly in the late 1900's. It makes for a nifty little horror film, as what the white settlers & Calvary thought was a Indian raid & massacre of a family, is not what happened, to their horror.

    Very good acting, directing, & pacing compliment this film, with enough of a spooky soundtrack to intensify scenes just at the right moment. The creatures are a bit tough to make out in the dark, but in retrospect, that probably enhances this film too.

    If I had to liken "the Burrowers" to any movie(s), I'd call it "the Mole People" on steroids, meets "the Searchers." Though no where near as good as film as "The Searchers," (not many westerns are), it digs up "the Mole People," & buries them for good! "The Burrows" is one of those rare films that combines the western & horror genres & makes it work!

    Notched it up a extra star for originality!