• Warning: Spoilers
    Not too long ago I watched the John Wayne film "McLintock!", and that one had a a pretty decent mudhole brawl involving all of it's well known cast. Now "Trinity and Santana Are Coming" isn't going to be considered in the same league with a Wayne film, or just about any other reputable Western for that matter, but it's got probably the longest saloon brawl I've seen yet, clocking in at just about a full seven minutes on screen. Try watching anything for seven minutes when you've got the stopwatch running and that's a pretty long time. So as goofy as this flick is, that bar fight makes my IMDb 'Best Western Brawls' list elsewhere on this site.

    As for the rest of the story, let's just say it was filler for a couple of saddle tramp buddies (Robert Widmark and Harry Baird) to team up, raise hell and rob banks, only to have Trinity (Baird, from Trinidad) give it away to those less fortunate. I saw this picture under the title "Trinity and Santana... Those Dirty SOB's" and you know, it kind of fits. But their likable SOB's as far as that goes, even if it doesn't go very far.

    You know, the name Robert Widmark had me going for a while because depending on the angle, the Trinity character did have a passing resemblance to a young Richard Widmark. So it was a little surprising to see that his real name is Alberto Dell'Acqua. Had I been a real serious follower of this spaghetti Western genre stuff I would have known better, but it's just one more way for the film makers to rip off the Terence Hall/Bud Spencer pair of films. Not to be too harsh though, it's an entertaining flick with it's requisite high flying antics by Widmark's Trinity, and his affable, equally sharp shooting pal Santana.