• Wow. After a fortnight of seeing movies that were mostly interesting but a little disappointing (Skyfall, Looper, Sahara, The Cabin in the Woods) I was fortunate enough to come across The Red Tent.

    And what a refreshing change.

    A good range of character actors, each allowed enough screen time for us to understand who they are and what they mean.

    Real special effects, not CGI. OK, some of the ice breaking scenes may be from stock footage but they clearly show real activity.

    And the style of the movie is made interesting by the combination of English speaking actors in an Italian-Russian co-production.

    I found myself captivated by the story telling and wanting, now, to find more like it. Unfortunately the IMDb "People who like this also liked" feature doesn't seem to be working here.

    Probably more of a guys movie than a general interest movie. The issues raised are something every man will be able to relate to.