• Warning: Spoilers
    OK, it's very likely you're sitting down already. Which is a good thing. This TV Special has got the Muppets. With the Sesame Street Gang. And the Fraggles. Oh, and the Muppet Babies. Plus a cameo from Jim Henson.

    I need to write more? Oh… If I must.

    Fozzy and the guys descend on his mothers house for Christmas. This comes as a surprise to Ma, who has rented out the house to visiting Doc and Sprocket and is herself heading off for a Christmas spent surfing. Still, never mind.

    This special feels more like a prolonged episode of the Muppet Show than any other Muppet Christmas movie. Or, rather, it feels more like scenes from the collected Muppet Studio family, with a slightly odd interlude where Kermit and Robin discover the Fraggles who proceeded to gift them with a song and a yellow stone. It made sense at the time… Actually, no it didn't. But it was a pretty catchy tune.

    One of the more conspicuous things here is just how similar the different characters from the different franchisees sound. Now if you're me you find this cute and endearing, and frankly it's something you get used to watching the Muppets. Still, it is noticeable… Highlights are the annual 'Carol Sing', with plenty of stand out bits, especially Robin and Kermit singing 'It's in Every One of Us', a song from a previous Christmas album featuring John Denver and which is a personal favourite of mine. Also, I assume, of Jim Henson as it was sung during his memorial service only three years after this special was shot. Another lovely moment comes when Bert and Ernie, who have confused Doc by commenting on the first letter he uses during each reply with line's like "Yes? Yes is a Y letter". The pair obviously understand his confusion and explain why first letters hold so much attraction to them. "This is small talk where we're from." It's hard to describe why this holiday special is one of the few I've watched to actually deserve that moniker. The Muppets manage to pull off sentiment without ever being to sentimental. They are warm and happy and loving without ever feeling the need to wink at the audience due to embarrassment. When they sing about family it doesn't feel like schmaltz, because you feel that they are a family and, more than that, they want you to be part of that family.

    This special, with it's oddness, kooky moments and shear stupidity (Seriously, Two Headed Monster as Father Christmas!? As Sam asked 'Is nothing sacred?') is one that everyone in your family will be able to enjoy. I recommend it heartily.