• Warning: Spoilers
    This movie was ridiculously disappointing even for a B grade film. I turned it off 30 minutes through. Acting was shocking which was a shame because the plot had potential. All in all I gave this film a three: 1 point for the promising storyline, 1 point for the gore effects when the chick cut her own head off and 1 point because I saw a cute kitty. This movie lost the other seven through a 1 point loss for terrible acting, another point loss for the crappy makeup (all the girls had cake faces) and lost 5 points because I didn't even watch the whole thing which by the way is a rare occurrence. I will give credit to the appearance of the ghosts. They did come across as somewhat scary but it doesn't make up for the unnecessary swearing at times. The dialogue was cheesy and just bored me. What a shame.