• Warning: Spoilers
    We are introduced to protagonist Royce as he wakes up to find himself in freefall over a jungle; his parachute deploys just in time. Once on the ground we learn that seven other people all arrived in the same way at the same time. They are a mixed group consisting of Royce, a mercenary, a military sniper, a member of the Russian Special Forces, a Sierra Leonean rebel, a Mexican cartel enforcer, a man who was on death row, a Yakuza and a doctor. They are armed with whatever they were carrying at the time they picked up and none of them know how they came to fall into the jungle. As they don't know each other there are inevitably problems with trust but as time passes they come to work as a team. Before too long they realise something else is in the jungle with them; deadly predators that are hunting them for sport!

    This film can be considered a sequel to the original Schwarzenegger vehicle as it references that film directly but makes no mention of the events in LA in 'Predator 2'; it is also, to a degree, a remake. Instead of a crack military unit we have a group made up of people whose lives involved killed; military and criminal... it is a mystery why nobody wonders what a doctor is doing there though! The fact that they didn't previously know each other means there is no camaraderie between the characters like in the original which is a pity; it also lacks the pithy one-liners. The action is solid enough and in places moderately gory; nothing really shocking though. The cast does a pretty good job for the most part; the choice of Adrien Brody to play Royce was good as he is nothing like Arnie and Alice Braga was good as the only woman in the group. While not one of the main cast; Lawrence Fishburne put in a nice turn as the survivor of a previous hunt. There are a few twists; it is fun when we learnt were they actually were... or rather weren't... Earth, Fishburne's betrayal wasn't a huge surprise but worked; sadly the final 'twist' was so obvious I'm sure most people will have seen it coming when they learnt what the characters had done on Earth. It is equally likely that viewers will guess who the survivors will be long before the end; the only mystery was how the others would die and in what order. The effects were pretty good; I especially liked the use of the dog-predators. Overall it passed the time well enough and fans of the Predator Franchise can now pretend the two 'Alien vs. Predator' films never existed!