• Warning: Spoilers
    The Italian-produced crime thriller "The Killer Must Kill Again" is an interesting, off-beat twist on the giallo murder mystery, except we know the identity of the murderer from the outset. Indeed, "Contamination" helmer Luigi Cozzi planned it that way and even says so on the informative commentary track. Spaghetti western stalwart George Hilton stars as Giorgio Mainardi who survives off the wealth of his sexy babe wife and decides to kill her after she threatens to pull for money from his fingertips. One evening afterward Giorgio catches a cold-blooded killer dumping the body of a dead girl in the harbor in her VW Beetle. This is pretty eerie stuff. Giorgio confronts the killer and helps him light his cigarette with a zippo style lighter with the initials D and A on it. According to Cozzi, the D and the A stand for his mentor Dario Argento. Anyway, the killer (Antoine Saint-John of "Duck You Sucker") allows Giorgio to blackmail him into killing his wife. Giorgio tells his wife that an associate will visit her one evening while he is gone. Sounds suspicious? Of course, it is. The killer arrives and kills the wife and stuffs her corpse in the trunk of his car. However, while he is cleaning up some loose ends, a young couple show up and steal the killer's car because the keys are dangling in the ignition. Meanwhile, the police contact Giorgio and the police inspector (Eduardo Fajardo of "The Mercenary") gives him the third degree. Anyway, the young couple cruise off to the beach and wind up breaking in and spending time in a villa on the beach, until they discover to their chagrin that the place belongs to the killer. This splendidly lensed murder melodrama has an unforgettable ending.