• Before I criticize this show I think that the intentions of the people are good regarding pits! I am horrified with the lack of knowledge this family has concerning dogs! I can't believe this show is aired because it may influence unsespecting dog owners how not to handle dogs! I am just watching an episode where 2 pit bulls are put together and end up fighting! I am horrified that the so called expert, the red headed mother, let 2 out of control dominant dogs interact with absolutely no control by their handlers! I. The same show the red head said that blue pits are the worst and most troublesome pit bulls and can not be controlled! What an idiotic statement! All I see with the dogs are caged frustrated out of control dogs! There is no training to make balanced pit bulls as every dog that is walked pulls and doesn't even walk on the lead in a submissive manner! I am horrified that these pits are placed in homes without any real knowledge to create balanced dogs! All I see is excited dominate dogs with stupid excited people that have no idea what they are doing! All of the dogs in this show are caged separately and if given the chance would probably kill each other as their is no real interaction and training given! There Are 200 dogs that are bored! This woman should look into serious training to learn how to create balanced dogs because at the moment she has no idea! I am horrified with this show and the lack of knowledge this family has concerning dogs!

    This show is detrimental to dog owners because there no one on the show knows what they are doing! No one should handle dogs like these people do! They are all idiots!