• This comedy series is currently one of the best shows on Turkish television. The humour may not appeal to everyone because there are a lot references to movies, actors and some things that trend on the internet.

    The story progresses very well with the characters trying to find a way to thrive in the acting career. Character development however is limited. Which in my opinion is fine because the characters each have their own characteristics that put something very good in to the show.

    The acting is incredible. Ahmet Kural's performance is spectacular. He really makes the viewers laugh with his facial expressions alone. Most of the actors seem to do well with the exception of a few female characters.

    Directing of the show is not at a Martin Scorsese's standards but at a high standard for a TV show.

    All in all, this is a very entertaining show and if you could understand the references and appreciate the performances of the actors you will very much enjoy it.