• Warning: Spoilers
    The story for this one is pretty basic: A brash American airman (Bonar Colleano) and a sexy British girl named Ann Adams (Vera Day) wish to get married. The girl's mother (Renee Houston) is reasonably enthusiastic, but her father, an inspector in the British police force (Basil Dignam), is totally opposed to the union.

    Although it runs only 62 minutes, what makes this quota quickie highly unusual is a cast list as long as your arm. Normally, the aim of the British "B" producer is to save money and cut corners, particularly when the film is set for release by a small-time outfit like Butchers. But both Colleano and Miss Day were popular stars when this film went into general release on September 6, 1958 and no doubt it was hoped that one of the lesser circuits would pick it up. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

    Additional cast details: John Stacy (vicar), Jan Kent (vicar's wife), Anthony Wilson (Doug), Dennis Gilmore (Indian), Roger Spencer (cowboy), Caroline Glazer (tiny tot), Grace Webb (fortune teller), David Havard (curate), Carl Conway (policeman), Janet Moss, Diana Potter, Cherie Danton (library girls).