• Warning: Spoilers
    I had a friend who was like Mary Hagan. He was raised by his Grandmother after his parents died. His father killed his mother in a restaurant where she was a waitress and then killed himself. I was told this when we met in sixth grade and sworn to secrecy so as not to hurt my friend. On the day we graduated high school his brother told him the truth, that his parents really did not die in a car wreck. From this point on his life was changed, and not for the better. He degenerated in mind and spirit, and sometimes he told me that he wondered if he was destined to do the same thing that his father had done. He made suicide attempts and stumbled through life and lost his way, becoming angry, and bitter. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if his brother had not told him, if he had just left it alone. Would it have turned out differently for him? Would he have seen himself in a better light and his life taken a better path? Watch this movie and think about how you may have bought into a falsehood about someone, perhaps even whispered it yourself to others and then found out in the end it was not true. Think about the damage you can do to another soul with idle gossip that has no basis in fact. It is said that if you repeat a lie often enough it soon gets accepted as truth. While times have changed, human nature has not. Think before you speak, be open to your fellow human beings and open to the thought that your preconceived notions could be radically wrong.