• Warning: Spoilers
    hahahahhahahah! this is the most original thing i've seen in the past years! if only it were a comedy/parody ...

    thinking of it, actually it's funnier this way so nvm the comedy/parody statement.

    before i go on, i have to say that i've never read 'Green Arrow' but this is not the case here, at all.

    why it's funny? for starters, look at the review title. this series is actually a soap opera, everything about it is, well, with the exception that Green Arrow stars in it. the directing is horrid, so is the acting and the character lines. the story looks OK and i'd really like to know how it unravels. there's also hot women in it (not something one wouldn't expect). those last two facts are not enough for one to sit and watch it but they're the reason why i rated with 3/10 and not 1/10.

    what i will do, i propose you do the same, is start reading the 'Green Arrow' comic books and google for hot women instead of wasting my time watching this thing. it was really fun (hilarious tbh) watching the first couple of episodes (might be three, can't recall) but enough is enough.