• Warning: Spoilers
    I had been warned that this movie was inaccurate, and all those warnings were warranted.

    First of all, the film portrays Jean as having been a virgin prior to her marriage to Paul Bern, while Paul Bern was Jean's second husband.

    Second, the film makes no allusion to William Powell, who was Jean's love through her last years (he was the one who gave her the sapphire ring that is seen in her last pictures).

    Third, no mention is made of Jean's third marriage.

    Fourth, the film makes it look like after numerous sexual liaisons with strangers, Jean became a washed-up film star (as noted by Red Buttons, who portrays her agent). In reality, after playing multiple roles as a platinum blond, Jean took more serious roles (e.g., in Wife Vs. Secretary) where her acting abilities could be showcased. No mention is made of this in the film.

    The film states that Jean died of pneumonia (and, alludes that she died shortly after Bern). Both of these are incorrect. Jean died of kidney failure in 1937, which is 5 years after Bern's death.

    Carroll Baker's portrayal is poor at best. She seems to spend the 2+ hours strutting about the screen speaking Harlow's dialog in a shrilling voice that seems more akin to the parts Harlow played in her early acting years rather than the actual Harlow who has been described as a shy, tomboy.