• And to think I liked this show... LIKED! Boy I was wrong! couple of things...

    1) He was BORING!!!!

    Oh my gosh, I have never seen any body in any video be this boring... I can understand if people are inexperienced in front of a camera and trying things out and they be boring, but this guy, UGH! Now I know where you people are coming from! His voice is so monotone!

    2) The GOD AWFUL ACTING!!!

    And before you criticize me of calling him a bad actor, I have a bunch of acting experience, limited in front of a camera, but I have stage acting! And boy, talk about bad movies having bad acting! This guy is HORRENDOUS!!! He can't convince me any longer that he's good!

    3) NOT A GAMER!!!

    I know you people have gone this way, but, let me give my thing about gaming! I have played video games basically my entire life! Hard games, easy games, difficult games, etc... but when this guy complains about how hard a game is when I could probably beat it in about a day.

    4) These aren't reviews...

    These are infomercials! The fact he complains a game is hard when it's not, he destroys the games afterward, and he gives them the finger after he shreds them, just proves these are infomercials!


    Originally, I would watch his videos with not a care in the world, but then... I read reviews on this site...