• One of my most favourite films ever; 'The Prestige' is Christopher Nolan's most fascinating and engrossing film to date, pipping 'Memento' and 'Dark Knight', for me. The story of two rival magicians with a tragic history linking them, trying to outshine one another and the mysteries surrounding makes the premise of a magical two hour narrative.

    There ARE holes in this movie and the story is not as compact as some other Nolan films; having a few weak moments. But this is where the genius of Nolan comes in - he makes it work completely, despite those problems - which is why I rate this movie as one of his best directed films.

    This film doesn't have the heavy-handedness of 'Inception' (which is overrated IMO), isn't too clever for its own good (again, like 'Inception' and 'Memento' to an extend though I think the latter is Nolan's strongest in terms of sheer narrative brilliance)or the slightly impersonal feel of 'Insomnia' (a great film nonetheless; an underrated Nolan film I think). It is, in my opinion, the right mix of entertainment and quality. You will just not get bored with this film - in fact, I was left wanting more!

    The acting in the film is flawless and is what makes the film such a compelling watch. The entire cast is brilliant, without exception, from Rebecca Hall to Scarlett Johansson to Michael Caine. As the two rival protagonist magicians, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman seem to go one better that the other with each passing scene. Ultimately, it is Jackman who shines more as Robert Angier though. As the mentally distraught, obsessive but consummate showman, he pretty much steals the show from perhaps an actor who may, in retrospect, be superior in sheer acting quality.

    In a nutshell, 'The Prestige' is unlike any other Nolan movie. The sheer "watchability" value of 'The Prestige' beats the other Nolan movies blue and black. I have watched it four times completely; I enjoy it more and more each time. Without doubt, my favourite Nolan movie.

    Watch it; it is truly magical.