• For reason I can't remember I recorded this and watched it only today, I had a little problem as somehow the beginning was not recorded. So for me the story started with the young journalist and his large camera wandering about Rwanda's chaos with a young student. Here, in IMDb, I learned it was about the westerners fleeing the areas that was in great upheaval , we do learn that 800,000 people lost their life (But I remember hearing that the number was over 1 million). The story has very graphic moments and it's not for the faint hearted. The pace is very slow at time. The story highlights the despair of some people and the frustration of those who could have help but weren't allowed to. The young journalist is burning to make a difference but the system will not help.... I seem to remember a TV interview with one of the Australian military officer who'd first hand knowledge about the situation and it was said the US passed the problem like a very hot potato around their board rooms for a week whilst the carnage raged and somehow too late to prevent it. Possibly more nations acted in the same manners. But the film is guts wrenching if anything else.