• The beginning of a movie always sets the tone. Same goes for this movie here. And watching this you can understand how this influenced the TV show "Sopranos". But back to the first scene. It involves the Godfather character who has to talk to people on the wedding day of his daughter, because it is tradition. The way it is filmed and lit is exceptional. The tone is set in more than one settings. Because you also get what the movie is about: Respect, Fear and Power.

    Some of which get achieved by manipulation, convincing (in more than one way) or buy-out. What lies above all? A thing the Godfather always tells his children (or his lawyer)? Family is what matters. The movie does hold up to the test of times. You might have seen movies that have more violence in them, but when this movie gets violent it doesn't hold back.

    The performances are awesome and I can't wait to listen to the audio commentary by Mr. Coppola (which is supposed to be controversial, I'll see about that). So re-watching the movie reminded me of how good it is. But also of how much I miss the Sopranos. One of most known little facts of the movie, Marlon Brando stuffing his cheeks, make you look at the movie differently too. It still takes nothing away from it of course. Exceptional in every sense, even if you don't agree with the way the "family" functions (and you shouldn't agree with it of course, just saying)