• Warning: Spoilers
    nightstalker is based on the true story of richard ramirez, a serial killer who was terrorising l.a in the 80's. the real case is fascinating, this movie is not, despite a decent cast, and true life foundations, nightstalker never realises what it wants to be, on one hand its pretty accurate with some of the murders, and the guy playing ramirez is pretty good, but the movie is filled with this hyper editing whenever the nightstalker is in his car, and we see a demon alter ego and its as pathetic as it sounds, too flashy for a low budget movie, and while it aims to be scary and unerving it fails, some scenes of the murders and aftermath are good and atmospheric, and its a shame because it could of been a good movie of the story, but the director just hasent got a clue, so we are left with a film of the two halves and neither of them any good. there is another movie based on the nightstalker buts its supposed to be worse than this so i think ill give it a swerve, shame this story deserves a good movie