• My expectations for "Kroll Show" was not too high to begin with, as Comedy Central tries many sketch comedy shows that simply just don't make it. The great sketch comedy shows always leave you coming away from the show with that awesome sketch you talk about for a week until you see the next. Chappelle's Show, Key and Peele, and Who's Line is it Anyway, are perfect examples of classic sketch comedies. Kroll Show does not have the lasting factor these shows did, as a couple cheap laughs from the same guy and mostly unknown supporting characters does not make the show watchable on a weekly basis. While the show has it's moments of laughs, most of the time it fails to leave a lasting impression on it's viewers. A majority of the viewers will simply be watching due to the fact it is on after Workaholics, but take away that time slot and this show will have ratings more realistic to the show's quality.