• What a pleasure to watch a Canadian movie that's not embarrassingly low budget and poorly acted. I am sure it was low budget, but if so, it was effectively done. I don't see what a bigger budget could have added. It was well-acted, especially by Paulo Costanzo. His performance was understated and very natural.

    I love that (metro) Vancouver is so proudly and unabashedly itself here, in all its multifaceted glory, from the run-down houses of Strathcona to the posh golf course of Lion's Bay, with the gorgeous mountains of Howe Sound receding into the distance. For once, Vancouver did not play a stand-in for some other city, a common practice which features in the storyline.

    What a funny, charming, and visually appealing film, a breath of fresh air in many ways. I hope to see more from the both the film-maker and lead actor!