• Warning: Spoilers
    I have just learned that the Oscar gave them the Best Animated Feature at the 85th annual Academy Awards, and I must say that this fact has left me dubious of the award's credibility.

    I don't understand what exactly was so "Brave" about Merida in this film. She is focused on only herself throughout the story. "It's not my fault that mother turned into a bear!" "Oh my silly brothers turning into bears as well!" - all this is the result of her selfishness. She is not apologetic to her poor mother at all, and all she does throughout the film is to complain and whine while scurrying around, trying to make things back in place. When her father the King, unknowing of the truth, tries to kill her mother, Merida suddenly turns into a self-proclaimed heroine by telling him that she "won't allow him to kill my mother!". There is no depth nor growth in Merida till the very end, as she continues to focus her abilities in getting her way.

    Also, regarding the artwork, there is too much focus on Merida's hair. Her hair bouncing about while she is riding the horse. Her hair blowing in the wind. Yes I admit, the technique is spectacular, but with such a shallow and petty story, one can't help but wonder if Disney couldn't have focused more on the story rather than the silly bouncy hair.

    On the whole, a disappointment.