• Warning: Spoilers
    What do you get when you have a similar, non-animated plot line to Mega Man Star Force? Alien Dawn. I've watched this series and 10 minutes into the show, I literally threw up on how bad this was. This series makes Mega Man Star Force and Damien Dawn (a German Edward-knock off singer) look severely bad. Not only has the plot been done to death (Son loses his father due to some kind of alien force and moans over it), but the rest of the plot makes no on-earthly sense. Action? Where is it? Cameron and some friends are hackers and they use a comic book of all things as a plot device? Come on, Nick. You can do better than producing an Damien Dawn mixed with Mega Man Star Force rip-off. My only thought is, I sure hope this doesn't get a second season. This is supposed to be for kids? Mega Man Star Force was more entertaining and had much more action than this.