• When film critics rate the best actors they fail to realize that the quality of film making has (in many cases) improved as time passes. Modern actors are far superior, on the whole, to those from the 40's and 50's. Perhaps casting personnel didn't have many actors who could fake a foreign accent back then.

    Greer Garson (a Frenchwoman) is English. Robert Mitchum and Richard Hart (Frenchmen) are American. That is apparent by their accents. If Gary Oldman, Dustin Hoffman or Robin Williams had been available.... (forget it - they would have been mis-cast). Couldn't they have cast French film stars? I'm a male Vietnam veteran who can appreciate a good love story, but this is soap opera tripe. Perhaps I've been hardened by dodging Molotov cocktails while working in a Stars and Stripes office in Saigon.

    I'm also a businessman and I was hoping we would learn that Paul got his fishing business back. If he wasn't really dead it all depends upon French law. With that in mind, one can easily see how seriously I took the film.