• Warning: Spoilers
    That's the basic premise to this Kay Kyser musical comedy with pretty much the old gang (Ginny Sims has moved on) plus Mischa Auer and Joan Davis, as well as a cute teenaged bobby soxer named Marcy McGuire. There's a bit of a spy plot, but not much else, with McGuire playing a stowaway teen on Kyser's flight from Australia to India in order to get a chance to perform with his band. The group pitches in to look after her until she's able to re-join her father, an officer in the Army.

    Among the songs is "They Just Chopped Down the Old Apple Tree" which totally parodies the Andrews Sisters hit "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" (seen in "Private Buckaroo"). Marcy McGuire gives her bobby soxer all to "The Moke from Shamokin'" where she gets such eye-raising lines like "What Was He Smokin'?". As for the wise-cracking Davis, she gets the type of lines she'd later make her trademark on TV's "I Married Joan", saying them as only she can. There's a double-meaning in her response to the Asian waiter who introduces himself as "Fu Yung", so it comes as no surprise when she says she knows his brother, "Egg". (I say double meaning, 'cause "Egg" should be associated with female, not male, but that's just my observation.)

    Then, there's the "do not try this at home" gag with Mischa Auer involved in a duel with a sword that gives an electric shock. The gag goes on a bit too long and may scare kids who know that an electric shock is not necessarily a good thing. Some of the plot lines are either wrapped up neatly (the plight of sweet Marcy) or barely at all (the spy ring), and some of the war era humor may go over some viewer's heads, but as a piece of history, this formula fluff provides some great big band music, some truly funny laughs and a look back at a war that everybody was involved in, whether in combat or not.