• I really can't believe that Mike The Miz from WWE can act that good; throughout the entire movie his expressions were really awesome and he acted just like another great professional. The movie was so unpredictable I saw on the edge of my seat, and all the time I watched the movie it was totally worth it never expected WWE to make such a great movie. In fact, every Marine related movie is really awesome. This movie was really action packed, blockbusting and damn it was fun watching it. Come on people you must purchase this movie because its awesome, I ain't no official of WWE or something its just that Mike the Miz has really impressed me to that state that I am writing my third-ever review for a movie on IMDb. The soundtrack for this movie is dynamic, the last song is just so awesome you would want to download it and listen to it over and over again. The Miz had a really great role in the movie, he really has showed that he can play lead roles really well and I have seen several John Cena movies but this just shows that Miz is better in the field of acting.