• This Brazilian movie begins as many movies of that era (unfortunately) do with two horses mating. While this will probably repel most viewers, it turns on "Giselle", a teenage rich girl just back from European boarding school, so much that she goes off with the studly ranch hand to have sex in a waterfall. Her new, young stepmother sees them and decides to give this free-spirited young girl a tongue lashing, but not quite the kind you'd expect (actually, if you've ever seen one of these movies, it is EXACTLY the kind you'd expect). This eventually leads to a three-way with the studly ranch hand. Then the son of the stepmother also shows up at the estate ("Giselle's" new stepbrother if you're keeping score). It turns out he and the ranch hand each swing both ways, so when "Giselle" walks in on them, suddenly we have a very different kind of "three-way". Then there's a massive gang rape scene where all three of the main protagonists are beaten and sexually assaulted by local yokels. And though it's thankfully kept off screen, there are sinister implications made about the father's sexual proclivities.

    OK, right away this sounds like a hardcore porn movie, but that's actually not quite accurate. This is a Brazilian "pornchachada", a genre that is part softcore sex and part lurid Latin American soap opera. There is no actual penetration shown, and while the sexual couplings are ridiculously numerous, they're very abbreviated in length (whereas in porn they usually go on for 15 minutes or so) or they take place mostly offscreen (i.e. the homosexual scenes, for the most part). This leaves time not only for numerous sex scenes, but also for all kinds of other messed-up crap to happen. "Giselle", at one point, gets involved with a communist neighbor who comes to a bad end, and she herself gets kidnapped (it is actually very unusual to see any political stuff in pornchachadas because, interestingly, the military government at the time actually encouraged these type of sex films, but only as long as they avoided politics). "Giselle" also happens to drive by a mass lynching/burning where the local thugs who raped her earlier are getting their comeuppance. Eventually, the action moves from rural Brazil to the big city of Rio de Janiero where there are more ridiculous plot twists in store, each one more ridiculous than the last. There are, I guess, some SERIOUS messages here about the destruction of the family, but not being Brazilian, they largely eluded me.

    This movie very much reminded me of one of 70's Italian-made Joe D'Amato/Laura Gemser "Black Emanuelle" films in that it contains numerous, fast-moving sex scenes sprinkled with liberal doses of appalling violence, but none of it seems to phase the lead character in the least. But I have to confess, I LIKE films like this because while they may not always be very sexy, they're far less BORING than what passes for sex movies today. The lead Alba Valeria is not in the class of Laura Gemser (or the even two most well-known female stars of 80's Brazilian pornchachada, Helena Ramos and Vaness Alves), but she is by far the most attractive person in the movie (although, I suppose if you're more "metrosexual", you might prefer her pretty-boy brother or the ranch hand, who has more hair on his chest than your average grizzly bear). The enjoyment of Valeria's perpetually nude body is probably marred somewhat by her blinding 70's tan-lines and the generally lousy transfer (this is only available from Greek VHS sources).

    Oh yeah, and the movie also liberally "borrows" (often completely inappropriate) musical cues from The Beatles ("Yesterday" and "Let It Be") and the 60's song "If You're Going to San Francisco" (which will now forever remind me of two horses screwing). I would actually really like to see this legitimately released by one of your more adventurous international DVD labels, but they're going to have a lot of work to do. . .