• Warning: Spoilers
    Greer Garson always seemed to be perfectly at ease in films with a World War 11 theme. In this 1947 film, it's post-world war 11 and Garson plays the widow of a Brittany fisherman, the latter having been reported to her as dead.

    Suddenly, Richard Hart shows up. He was with Robert Mitchum, her husband in the film, in a prisoner camp. Hart is soon able to win Garson's heart by his knowledge of her and the house she shared with Mitchum.

    Unknown to all, Mitchum survived. That is, the Hart character knew as he takes Garson for himself and the two plan to leave the area after Garson sells the business.

    Of course, Mitchum suddenly appears and Hart resorts to violence so that he can keep Garson. After Hart's tragic ending, Garson feels remorse in the fact that she had betrayed Mitchum's love.

    Garson has her emotional moments and Mitchum is effective, really in a supporting role, as her husband. Effective flashbacks are used to depict their life together.

    Hart really steals the picture as the conniver.