• If you have seen the original and liked it and said to yourself Hey, there are a bunch more of them. sweet. I'm pretty sure they are going to be as good as the original. Nah. You can tell that this sequel even has less money then the original because most of it was shot in and outside of some mansion and "The Future" looks like an empty warehouse. But anyways, this time around Jack Deth has to stop Whistlers ?brother? from making trancer soldiers and taking over the world. The only redeeming factor in this one is that Jack Deth's long lost dead wife returns (played by a very attractive Megan Ward) and that causes problems with Jack and his current wife (played by Helen Hunt). The love triangle is funny and Tim Thomerson was a stand up comedian in his early days and you can tell because he has good comedic timing. The ending is kind of ridiculous but you do not hold it against them because the type of movie it is. It is a low budget B movie straight to video sequel from a low budget b movie film. For what it is, it is a solid B film with a solid B cast (even though Helen Hunt is about to get huge). Good action, simple story, enjoyable time, what more could you ask for.

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