• Warning: Spoilers
    When a coveted stage role comes up for grabs, a lesser known actress (Claudette Colbert) longs for the part but the producer isn't willing to take a chance on her. He thinks she's a goody-goody, and tells her if she can create some scandal, he'll consider her for the part. She goes for the gold, but ends up with a bit more than she bargained for thanks to misogynist Edmund Lowe. Resentful of being a victim of her prank, Lowe kidnaps her and the stage is set for what neither expected.

    This is an amusing if not great romantic comedy with the older Lowe putting kitten-like Colbert in her place after being publicly humiliated. Lowe and Colbert are in an odd Petruccio and Kate ("Taming of the Shrew") modern setting. The hysterical Stuart Erwin brightens things up even more as the macadamia hiding out in Lowe's cabin who thinks he's Napoleon. While it all wraps up too neatly, there's lots of amusement in between.