• Dark Angel is a Top Tier straight to video film. It is about a demon escaping hell for our modern world and she runs into a handsome doctor. Will she find love??? It is like the little mermaid FROM HELL. What really sticks out is the Hell sequence. You have to respect how the director shot Hell with such a low budget, it had a very nice Gothic atmosphere which is what you would think of what Hell should look like. You also have to respect their interpretation of hell. The demons below worship God, not Satan, and they believe they are God's servants just doing their job, which is to torture sinners. It is a subtle twist of hell but it was a nice surprise to me because I never thought of hell like that. If a movie makes you questions certain beliefs or imaginings, I feel it has done its job and that is only in the first 5 minutes of the film. The movie also does a good job by being a classic fish out of water story. What is normal in Hell is definitely not normal in the real world. The movie is really cheesy but in a good way and there are faults to the movie but you have to forgive them, mostly based on their low budget. Overall a pretty good showing of classic love story. Highly recommended!!

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