• A good attempt of a sequel to Trancers and Trancers 2. In the beginning of the film Jack Deth is having relationship problems with has wife Helen Hunt, who makes a brief cameo in this film. She is maybe in the film for a total of six minutes but that is enough for her because she was all ready a star and probably was just being nice to the director even appear in this film. Jack is sent on another mission trying to stop the origins of the Trancers. There is more of a military aspect to this film which I like and prefer over the second one. There is more action and a better story that even has an unstoppable android who looks like a shark as Jack Deth's sidekick. You notice the lack of Megan Ward and Helen Hunt in the action and that does hurt the film. It seems like the two Trancers sequels reverse there weakness and strengths. Trancers 2 was lacking a good story but had good characters to make up for it (Helen Hunt and Megan Ward). Trancers 3 has a good story but is lacking those essential characters. It is a toss up between 2 and 3 but if you enjoyed the first two there is no reason why you wont enjoy the third. I recommend it.

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