• This episode is from the hammer house of horror which was a series on the BBC and lasted around 13 episodes. This was a pretty boring story and like most witch stories, it has a very simple plot. A witch appears in the modern day saying she escape from a burning in the 17th century and now she is here to wreck havoc among the innocents. Or just chill out at a house in the country because the entire movie was filmed at this one house. Yeah, its one of those movies. Super cheap, acting pretty bland and just not very interesting. It could be because of the subject matter why this episode comes across weak. Towards the end it was hard to pay attention even though there were burnings, drownings and voodoo dolls because the beginning was soooo slooow. From what I've heard is that this episode is the weakest of all of the Hammer House of Horror, so if only to complete watching all of the episodes then you should watch it. But don't go looking for it because it is a real drag.

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