• Warning: Spoilers
    I love this film. As a retired teacher I can feel for a young teacher going into face a potentially difficult class and all the challenges that such a situation presents. She wants to inspire the children and fill their minds with a desire to learn. What better way than to take the children out into the cold, wintry countryside for rambles, which does not go down well with some of the older members of the community. The various family situations of the children are dealt with sympathetically and all the youngsters perform admirably. Some of Claire's (Isabella Fink) scenes were very touching. The expression on her little face at the end, as the teacher departed, would melt your heart. The adult cast contains the always excellent Michael Morriarty in the role of the father of a rather rebellious teenager who falls in love with the teacher - a situation that is sensitively handled in the film without causing offence. At the end, the teacher has made such a connection with her pupils that they will always live in her heart.