• Warning: Spoilers
    This film has massive problems, starting with an embarrassingly thin plot: girl suspicious of boyfriend, boyfriend gets defensive, girlfriend gets defensive in turn, both partners cheat on each other, they kiss and make up. The end.

    While telling this 'story', we are treated to low-brow jokes, little character development, and sexist notions about relationships. Ludo is so annoying and childish, you end up wanting Anna to cheat. And then break up, so we don't have to watch any more sequels.

    The children in the film seem to serve no other purpose than to make Ludo a bit more bearable (after all, the kids like him better than Ralf), and to allow for closure of this far too long film. Even the musical score is ill-matched. One star for the camera-work, with a very nice shot across the water at the end. A pitiful effort.