• Warning: Spoilers
    First of all let me warn you though : the first say 1.5 episodes are a bit slow, but then it is taking up speed FAST, so be patient till it does.


    It is also a bit confusing how reality changes a few times in the first 1.5 episodes ^^ But as soon as they did teleport the banana everybody should be on board for the ride ^^ Well, that is the latest point at which you start loving it, usually you will start even earlier.


    But once you are getting a feel of the land, so to speak, it get's really awesome ! You just need a bit to get into it at first, once you are in, it is one hell of a ride (at least the episodes I have seen so far). What else can I say about it without any spoilers ? It definitely belongs in the top 5 Anime series of the last 5 years. I gave it full 10 stars, and I do that extremely seldom ! Just don't be discouraged cause in the beginning you get the feeling it is all confusing and no fun. Give it 2 episodes,by then you should start loving at, 2.5-3 at the most. I know I had to start it 3 times (3rd time was the charm, I guess), and was discouraged the first 2 times, but then I read one good review after the other, and people there also said it is a slow starter, that I should give it a little time to warm up to it, and BOY am I happy I listened to them and gave it a 3rd chance !!!

    Just have fun with a wild&crazy ride