• Warning: Spoilers
    I had the chance to catch the Premier of "Wrath of the Crows" and was blown away by how big the movie turned out! It didn't feel condensed or showed in any way or form that it had a small budget (typical Independent film)! It has Action, Horror, Suspense, Amazing Visuals, great camera work, Amazing cast and one original story with a very unique twist towards the end! Not a lot of horrors will touch what is beyond the known and go that extra mile of Originality, But this movie sure did! Dealing with the spiritual world that is similar to our reality but in a different dimension.

    When given a chance, check out this movie and you will see what I mean! You will be amazed by its story telling! and if you are a Tara Cardinal fan such as myself... It is definitely worth the watch to see this amazingly multi-talented Actress showcase her range and epic character performance! This Film is a horror film so be warned that it will contain a lot of blood and such! But in the end, it is one rare entertaining movie! 9/10