• Warning: Spoilers
    One of the best independent movie I ever saw. I was at the premiere and must say that I was impressed. So well wrapped, such a mysterious atmosphere. Well directed, with an astonishing use of lights and photography. And the actors were all so good. The passion of Brian Fortune, the madness of John Game, the cruelty of Michael Segal, the humanity of Matteo Tosi, the ferocity of Giuseppe Gobbato, the lust of Domiziano Arcangeli, the drama of Tara Cardinal, the unpredictability of Emanuele Cerman, the innocence of Suzi Lorraine, the fury of Debbie Rochon, the deadly sensuality of Tiffany Shepis, the mysteriousness of Gerry Shanahan. Ivan Zuccon did a very good job. Hope this movie will have the success it deserves and hope To see this Italian director behind camera soon.