• A group of young people decide to break into the legendary Whaley House, and they bring with them two paranormal researchers. The expected result (for a horror film) happens.

    Honestly, I did not think the film was all that bad. Not that it is good (it is not), and the acting is nothing special, but for a b-grade haunting film, it had potential. The gore, for example, was very nicely done. So if nothing else, the blood effects folks earned whatever spare change they made on this.

    I also liked that although this story had two paranormal researchers, it did not dwell on their technical gadgets. On television shows that do this, it is so fake and boring to watch (and yet they keep making more seasons -- people are gullible). I especially liked when one of them made the comment (and then rant) about how you "cannot go to Wal-Mart and buy this stuff". Best part of the movie, hands down.