• Warning: Spoilers
    This is only based on the 30-minute series debut.

    This show is extremely mediocre and unimpressive. The premise is that there is a family comprised of a teenage daughter, a smart little girl, and their recently- divorced, single mother. They move into a place in New Orleans where the mother can manage a shop on the first floor while they live above the shop. The building is haunted by a family of ghosts, a single father and his two sons, a teenager who wants friends and a little boy who can't control his ghostly powers well. The ghosts don't want to share their home with the humans; chaos ensues.

    To start, the jokes in this show are abysmal. They're the kinds of jokes that only appeal to little children, not even teenagers or kids on the brink of teenage years. There was a long sequence in the first episode that comprised of a fart joke (surprise, surprise) that went on for about thirty straight seconds, and the laugh track went on the whole time. It wasn't funny; it was actually pretty gross and exaggerated to an extreme that's even ridiculous for Nickelodeon.

    The characters? They're pretty interesting, I guess. I like the fact that it's not just another show taking place in an unrealistically lavish house or apartment in a lavish part of town (usually somewhere in California) with flawless teenagers. That's where the extra 2 stars come from; it has an original setting.

    But the ACTORS. The actors are not good at all. Every single one of them tries way too hard to elicit laughs from the audience by overacting, even the grown woman, the mom. The teenage girl, specifically, almost laughs when she's delivering some lines. The actors have over-dramatic facial expressions and excessively exaggerated movements (only when they're trying to be funny, like when the teenage ghost is "dancing"), shout too much, and almost seem like they're rushing through the script to reach the "joke."

    Even worse than the actors are the special effects. The teenage girl is supposed to be a gifted gymnast. Sometimes, she spontaneously does gym tricks, like answering the door by doing several flips and somersaults to get there, but it looks like they replace her with CGI or something when she's supposedly doing these flips; it looks extremely awkward, VERY cringe-worthy. When a character is supposedly moving in fast motion, he or she is followed by a stream of purple lines that look like they came from a cartoon.

    So... I'm not impressed yet. Maybe if you have an 8 to 11-year-old kid or something, they'll enjoy this. I probably would have at that age. I really wanted to like this show; Nickelodeon has been on a losing streak for awhile now, and I wanted this to be their recovery, but the show is just weak. I don't see it lasting for more than one season.