• It seems as if nickelodeon is on the downhill slide as far as shows go these last couple seasons. The Haunted Hathaways is just in a long line of poor writing, poor acting, and poor editing. I barely made it through a 30 minute time slot before shutting the TV off in relief, but felt I should have to make it through at least one episode before reviewing.

    Basically, a mother and her two daughters move into a home haunted by a man and his two sons. Certainly not a new premise.

    Perhaps the worst portion of the show is the writing. The lines are cheesy and cliché and delivered by utterly terrible actors and actresses. Each failed joke and over exaggerated motion is accompanied by canned laughter from a pitiful laugh track. Not far on its heels is the acting itself. Each line is squealed or screamed or delivered with excess facial expression and hand motion. I cringed watching the Awkward and unnatural interactions between the characters.

    In short, I don't recommend this TV show for anyone, not even the littlest kids.