• Warning: Spoilers
    I started watching this show on youtube and at first I liked it, then it turned into something akin to 'hollywood anti-God series'. I cannot believe that the character, Father Peter, would leave the priesthood just like that for a piece of a$$; on the other hand, the actor who played Peter WAS living with the actress who played assumpta so maybe they broke up. It's a shame, really, that they took the opportunity to have a Roman Catholic Priest give up his Belief so easily. Sure I know it happens, but I also know that I was BFF with a Jesuit Priest for 35 years and although I thought he was very sexy (he still is) I NEVER once thought about boffing him or dinking with his belief in Christ. I am NOT a RC, but a born-again Christian. I tell you this, a man who has given himself to the Lord to the point where he becomes a Priest, is not going to give it up for tail (that IS what we are talking about here). We who love Jesus are not easily pulled away from Him. Too bad so many of the TV show / movie makers are so anti God. It's quite a shame.