• Warning: Spoilers
    This series is a new one on Nickelodeon and I like it. It is about a human family, a mom and her two daughters, that buy a house and it is haunted by a ghost father and his two sons. The humans detect the ghosts and it gets funny from there. It is an obvious ploy of the writers that the humans are all female and the ghosts are all male. When I saw the first episode I thought the ghost dad was another one of the numerous Wayans clan but he isn't. I like the interactions between the characters as they learn to live with each other and start actually helping each other with problems. Some of the reviewers don't like it which is their privilege but to be called a moron because I do is lame.(Mcrae to be specific). I read some of the shows she likes and I think moron could fit for some of those too. Oh well. 10/12/14 Okay this show has been on for awhile now. I still like it a lot. The cast seem to have settled into their characters just find and they mess well.