• OMG Soviets were meanies. Who knew? I thought they were all about puppies and sunshine. Pardon my stupidity.

    ****** end sarcasm *******

    If the filmmaker didn't talk down to his audience, there could be an informative documentary here. But every other word is 'NOBODY KNOWS THIS BUT...'. Know what? I knew most of this already. There's some interesting details but the general takeaway is already widely known.

    1. Nazis and Soviets were originally Allies. Other than stupid Middle America, who doesn't know this? They invaded a Whole Country together. At best they could say is 'It's not widely spoken of by the Russians today'. With former KGB Putin at the helm, that's a more interesting angle to take. But this film treats it's audience with such naivety. Oh the Russians won't admit to Soviet crimes. Like that's some sort of news? Guess what? Neither do the Japs. You're not breaking any ground.

    2. Desperately trying to link National Socialism and Communism and thereby tar all left leaning politics. At times, it felt like an academic dissertation. At other times, it felt like selective arguments. I just kept thinking of George Orwell. These are just the various justifications of the same thing. TOTALITARIANISM. The justifications is secondary to the wish for total power. They don't care about the niceties of theories. It's all about total power. Like all powerplay, allies are just enemies in waiting. This doc completely ignores that Fascists and Commies fought in Spain and in Germany. Stalin can drop his idealism for those people because its the power that's more important.

    3. Doc tells us there was something called Gu -lag. Whatever! It's in everyday English language, but the documentary is treating it like discovering the Fountain of Youth. Just relax. There's a little bit good info here. Again you're not breaking any ground.

    4. Most naive of all. The Russian aren't being put to the fire over their Soviet past. Here's the most important History lesson of all. The winners always write the history.

    Overall it's taking on a good subject but doing it very poorly by treating its audience as idiots.