• This is another weird and bizarre Japanese superheroes movie by Takashi Miike. And that is the main drive of this movie, which is the weirdness. So this is basically a live action adaptation of a 70's cartoon show. Kind of like "Gatchaman", except way more cheesy. I don't know how close of an essence this movie has with the cartoon. But despite the cheesy Saturday morning cartoon vibe going. Most of the humor and focus is actually on the adult themes. Especially with the direct or indirect sexual references. The plot is about these duo that goes by Yatterman. Which is composed of a male and a female characters that is dressed in a superheroes engineer costumes and masks. One wields a kendama and the other a electric stick. And has a sidekick giant robotic dog with them that gets beat up constantly unless it gets a mechanical bone from Yatterman. And goes around trying the save the world once a week. By these team rocket duos. Except it's a trio in this one, which is composed of. Wario and Waluigi with Batwoman as the leader. Or at least looks like it. The plot is narrow, predictable and very childish. It's like a script for a children's video game. Which is fine for a video game, but not much for a live action movie. Despite the wackiness, it felt like I was just sitting through this movie just to pass the time. In another words, it's kinda dull. I am not sure if the cartoon this movie got adapted from is weird, bizarre, and has that adult themes to it. But those elements is what saves this movie from being just plain bad. Since I couldn't tell sometimes if this movie is directed towards kids or adults. The production value is decent for these types of movies from japan. Although the CGI can be awful at times(I guess that sorta adds to the cartoony feel of this flick though). Maybe fans of the cartoon show this movie is adapted from might enjoy this. Overall this movie is a very simple movie that has a lot of stuff going on. It's a passable movie but not that entertaining or enjoyable. There simply isn't a moment in this film that would wow or amaze anyone or even simply find it cool. It's basically like watching a passable episode of a children's cartoon show. Except it's drawn out with bunch of weird, bizarre imagery with adult themes. And that basically sums up this disappointing movie. That is just maybe worth a rental and nothing more.