• This film is a "disaster movie" all right!! A huge DISASTER! The writing is absolutely horrid; one tired, unrealistic, silly cliché after another. The acting fits perfectly with the dialog; it is equally horrendous. And the "predictability factor" is off the charts; here's how predictable it is. Even if you HAVE NOT SEEN IT you know EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS! How's that for predictability? However, the awful writing, the dreadful acting, and the predictable predictability are NOT what's worst about this film. The real repulsiveness comes from the shameless way this film takes from the TRUE DISASTER of 9/11/2001, right down to people putting up photos of loved ones on billboards along the sidewalk. It's shameless, exploitation, and unwatchable. The CGI was wonderful, but what an abject waste of technology. Don't see it. You've got better things to do.