• Warning: Spoilers
    If you have not yet seen this short film, there's only one true piece of advice I'd like to give you for the road: When you're ready to watch, make sure your room is completely darkened and see it on a big screen if you have one. This will increase your viewing experience considerably.

    Now this is truly one spooky little thing. A woman stands at a station and the the first very haunting moment happens already right before she enters the train, namely when she looks at the viewer with her haggard face which is scarred like she's some kind of fire victim, just like all the other skin we see from her.

    I won't go too much into detail on the plot, but the animators did a good job with all the other creatures in the train and the way they act enigmatically adds a lot to the harrowing atmosphere. You need to experience it yourself. What is dream, what is real? The title sounds quirky, goofy to me, really like the exact opposite of what this nightmarish short-film actually is.