• Warning: Spoilers
    I just saw The Congress at the opening night of the Fantasy Filmfest in Cologne. I went in having no special expectations but seeing a well-made movie that somehow surprises me. Well I have to say, I never saw anything like this! The Congress starts out as a drama about an actress who has already had her best days. But soon it becomes a surreal critique on commercial industry and the exploitation of feelings for the use of profit at all. The combination of real film and animated film really does the job extremely well. You'll never understand the feeling of delusion better than when The Congress cuts from an hour- long orgy of flashing colours and amazingly designed characters and creatures in the world of hallucinations to the harsh truth in the reality. On top of the great storyline and the excellent animation, Robin Wright does a remarkable job in acting as herself. Also, if you are familiar with cinema, there will be plenty of references - some very subtle, some not at all - that add a lot of humor to the movie. All in all The Congress is an experience like there are just a few in cinema history. It's combination of styles (all equally well crafted) becomes a journey from love to loss to ecstasy to agony and therewith the excellent visualization of an surprising topic.