• New York couple Dick (Bob Newhart) and Joanna Loudon (Mary Frann) buys and operates an inn in Vermont. He's a writer of how-to books. George Utley (Tom Poston) is the handyman. Leslie Vanderkellen is the maid in the first season replaced by her flakier cousin Stephanie Vanderkellen (Julia Duffy). Kirk Devane owns the neighboring diner and lusts after both cousins. Michael Harris (Peter Scolari) produces Dick's TV show in later seasons and becomes Stephanie's romantic lead. Then there are the locals Larry (William Sanderson) and his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl.

    Bob Newhart is classic. His stuttering delivery gives him an unique voice. It's rare that a guy can head two long-running successful TV shows. The first season is a little rough so Bob retooled it for the second season. It is basically brighter and more fun. He replaced the ineffective Jennifer Holmes with the sillier Julia Duffy as the hot girl. Then he replaced the funny Steven Kampmann with Peter Scolari. It certainly worked out well since it lasted a full 8 season. Tom Poston is funny as handyman George Utley. There is nothing like Larry, his brother Darryl, and his other brother Darryl which steals the show every time. This was a safe lovely show. Bob wasn't in the business to break down any doors or push an agenda. He was simply in it to make jokes, and he was good at it. To lead 2 different long running shows based mainly on his name is something that only legends get to do.