• Lam Ching Ying returns as Master Gau the Vampire Buster in this unofficial sequel of "Mr. Vampire" (1985). Here, he is joined by another fellow Taoist priest named Mao Ming, played by Richard Ng of the "Pom Pom" and "Five Lucky Stars" movie series.

    While this film is titled "Mr. Vampire Part 3," the usual hopping vampires do not make an appearance in this movie. However, this story is still full of horror fun and an intriguing plot to follow; the two Taoists priests attempt to rid their village of an evil Sorceress and her henchmen, bent on conquest of the human race, with the help of Master Gau's slapstick disciples and Mao Ming's friendly ghost companions. Thrown into the mix is a sequence where live bats attack the protagonists and a mummy-like ghost in pursuance of Ming - providing originality in the film.

    Plenty of action, humor and suspense to entertain you throughout the movie, again overseen by Mr. Vampire director Ricky Lau. All these elements plus a delightful music score by Anders Nelsson make this film a great classic of the fantasy, horror and ghost genre and certainly a worthy "sequel" in the Mr. Vampire series.

    Grade A